Vintage Motel


Straight from a postcard, this Miami Modern look is about a pastel-colored vacation in Miami circa 1950 -- colorful, tropical and flamboyant.


What is MiMo tho?


Miami Modernist architecture, or MiMo, is a regional style of architecture that developed in South Florida between 1945 until the late 1960s.

MiMo is not a single style, but rather a confluence that includes the world-renowned resort glamour of Morris Lapidus, the sublime Subtropical Modernism of Igor B. Polevitzky, and the flamboyant Latin infusion of Enrique Gutierrez (the architect of the Bacardi USA building).

Many of the motels along Biscayne Boulevard are examples of Resort MiMo and is associated with the 1950s and 1960s and the influences of Hollywood set design, automobile styling, military jets and the space race. The American fascination with Futurism was a pervasive influence in the designs of Resort MiMo. It was realized in architectural form by acute angles, boomerangs and trapezoidal forms.



Natalie Eshkenasy