Lunch at the Raleigh


For this Rent the Look, we're taking you to lunch at the Raleigh Hotel so we can chat about a Classic Miami theme and Floridian chic looks.

If you’re looking for a Floridian themed event, the Raleigh Hotel is a great place to draw inspiration from. It’s whimsical and dreamy, and unpretentious. How can you not feel amazing being in a place like this?



To start, the Art Deco building itself is beautiful (by L. Murray Dixon, 1940). It has terrazzo floors and that mid-century walnut wood throughout its interior that warms your heart. The Pool is magical on so many levels: it's curvy with a black trim and surrounded by lush greenery and stripes. It's the perfect backdrop for aquatic swimmers and mermaids (Esther Williams filmed a few scenes at this pool). in 1947, Life Magazine called it "The most beautiful pool in America." We think it still is.

Our Hunter Green Lounge Chairs paired with graphic black and white stripes are a perfect way to bring this look to your event. The Miami aqua pillows add a pop of color while subliminally represent the color of the pool :) and of course, the addition of green tropical plants is a must.   

Natalie Eshkenasy