We are a Miami based event furniture rental company specializing in modern, industrial and product placement furniture.
We work with marketing and production companies, event designers and corporate planners to create an authentic look for an event. We love design and we collaborate with other companies in researching, sketching and producing a temporary environment.

Made in Miami. With Love.

A majority of the furniture in our collection is designed by us and made locally by passionate  people who truly love details and craftsmanship.

Made in Miami means freedom. Freedom to design unique pieces with care and attention to details. By designing and producing locally we control the quality and make sure each piece is in line with our vision and standard. It allows us to produce quantities in a fast turnaround and while doing so we help our local economy and reduce impact on the environment.

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Need design? We can help

Ronen Rental has additional services that can help you through the design process of lounge areas

Print a logo or image on almost any piece in our rental collection. Print on fabrics to create pillows, covers and wallpaper.
Tell us the look you need to achieve and we will research for fabrics, prints, accessories and any elements within the lounge
We create a 3D sketch of the lounge with all elements including rental furniture, fabrics and logo placements for a realistic model of the final look.
If there is a piece that is not in our collection and is essential for your lounge, we can fabricate it.

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